"Write What?" addendum #1: writing and editing courses in Singapore

On Friday night, at the invitation of Six Degrees, I gave an informal talk "Write What --- Freelance writing opportunities in the Singapore market", during which I maundered about:
  • Different types of freelance writing work.
  • Looking beyond the obvious employers/clients.
  • How clients select freelancers.
  • Getting started as a new writer.
Some of the interesting questions that were raised during and after the session were the kind that are best answered with web links, so here's the first of perhaps several follow-up posts I'll try to put up.

Question: What kinds of writing and editing courses are out there in Singapore?

The ones I'm aware of (and I'm restricting the list to non-creative writing courses here):
Of the above, I've only ever interacted with the National Book Development Council of Singapore. They organised a very useful and well-attended talk by American literary agent Kelly Sonack last year, and way back in 2003 I attended an editing course run by their Centre for Literary Arts and Publishing. Both were excellent, truly, but as with most of these things, it really depends on who the trainer is and what their professional experience (and presentation/teaching skills) are like.

Besides getting information directly from associations and companies themselves, there are also heaps of mailing lists and writers' groups out there (though no one definitive writers' community/network). More about that in the next post.

Edited to add (11:34 p.m.):
If you've come across other writing or editing courses in Singapore, please feel free to add them in the comments. (This is the one of the few times I'll allow commercial solicitations on my blog.)

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At 8/04/2010 11:21 pm , Blogger filbert&fluff said...

Came across this one under NUS Extension: Basic Features Writing



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