Sometimes I wake up early on a Sunday

Sunday's Southern Ridge Walk
Taken by inju

It's not that you can't do the Southern Ridges at other times of the day. It's just that in the mornings the air is cooler, the birds might still deign to give you a tweet or two, and if you get really lucky, you might get to see a bunch of white-breasted laughing thrushes nibbling on breakfast at Kent Ridge Park.

I failed to compose any sufficiently pithy 140-character tweets that could name all my friends and walking kaki (pals), but hey, there were a fair number of us, including some with long Twitter handles: otterman, Kevin Lim, budak, acroamatic, @spoonrabbit and a few other people whose online identities I might've missed.

The weather got a little hot by the time we reached the Henderson Waves bridge, so we didn't linger as long out there as I would've liked to. The other places I didn't linger were anywhere on a high canopy-walk bridge where you could look down through the bridge flooring and see exactly how high above the ground you were. I'm really not very good with heights if I'm forced to think about them.

The final tally, thanks to acroamatic's RunKeeper log of our route: 9.16 km in 2 hours, 17 minutes. I've been meaning to do the entire Southern Ridges walk for some time, so it's nice now that I've seen it and I can not just talk about it theoretically anymore.



At 7/26/2010 12:48 pm , Anonymous Simplyjen said...

You should try doing the walk at nite too. The feeling is entirely different:)

At 7/27/2010 12:42 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Woo! But do the mosquitoes come out then?


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