What Google Buzz is good for

1. Procrastinating.

2. Telling the whole world something --- by default Buzzes are public, which I think is an extremely confusing state of things for the average user since Buzz resides in Gmail, which is very much not public. (The first Gmail "add-on", Google Chat, defaults to private mode too.)

3. Telling the whole world who your most frequently emailed contacts are, unless you remove that information from your public profile (Business Insider shows you how to do that, via The Not-So Private Parts).

4. Never losing another idle comment again, and storing it in a much more searchable format than Twitter or Facebook.

5. Ambient information overload. As Kashmir Hill writes in "Why Google should have stayed out of social networking":
The problem with Google Buzz is that it basically tracks and consolidates EVERYTHING that we do on the Internet.
At this point it feels like my Buzz stream is just replicating everything I already get through my other information streams. So ... we'll see.

By the way, I've finally made my Twitter stream public and I might have another go at using it. I blame it on Buzz.



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