Don't ask me why it took six hours

Waiting for my iPhone
Taken by G-man

Things I did while waiting for my iPhone:
  • Stood in line for two hours
  • Text-messaged people who might be sympathetic to my plight
  • Text-messaged iPhone-expert friends for advice on which phone/data plan and which capacity iPhone to get
  • Updated Facebook and foursquare
  • Wandered around 313@Somerset with sangsara and determined that there was no good reason for us to return
  • Bought sangsara teh (tea) and kaya toast, in exchange for sitting with me to while away an hour
  • Pondered Xmas gifts for friends in Muji
  • Pottered around Guardian Pharmacy for toiletries
  • Had dinner
  • Finished reading Farish A. Noor's The Other Malaysia
I could tinker with the new phone all night, but now I'm going to bed.

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