The unofficial update page for Lonely Planet Vietnam (10th edition)

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Last year, I spent October and November in Vietnam, to research and write three chapters for Lonely Planet Vietnam (10th edition, published in July 2009).

Naturally, some things have already changed. Currencies fluctuate, businesses relocate or close or are renamed, and, well, stuff happens.

So I've decided to keep a little laundry list here of errata and updates to my chapters: North-Central Vietnam, Central Vietnam and Central Highlands. All the information here has either been verified by me in person or comes to me via a trusted source (e.g. a business owner whom I've met in person before). I'll maintain this list until Lonely Planet commissions publishes the next edition of the Vietnam guidebook. It's an unofficial update page because absolutely nobody is paying me to do this.

The following notes apply only to the 10th edition of Lonely Planet Vietnam, which was published in July 2009. The italicised date in parenthesis at the end of each note indicates when I learned of the erratum or change.

  • p 246-247: On the map of Hoi An, the shop Tuoi Ngoc (#88) is in the wrong location. It should be at 103 D Tran Phu, in grid square C3 (6 November 2009).
  • p 322: Dreams Hotel (151 D Phan Dinh Phung) in Dalat is missing the "Our Pick" icon, due to a production error (31 July 2009).
  • p 202: The admission fee to Phong Nha Cave is now 30,000 VND (2 April 2009).
  • p 217: Stop and Go Cafe in Hue has moved around the corner to 3 D Hung Vuong, just before Trang Tien Bridge. The phone number is unchanged (8 November 2009).
  • pp. 239-240: Bread of Life bakery-restaurant is moving to 4 D Dong Da, north of the Song Han Bridge (see grid area C1 on the map on p. 236) (10 March 2011).
  • p 247: There is a new bimonthly English-language magazine in Hoi An, Live Hoi An Magazine, that has listings for restaurants, culture and activities (5 November 2009).
  • p 257: The restaurant Casa Verde (99 D Bach Dang) in Hoi An now has a website: http://www.casaverde-hoian.com (23 June 2009).
  • p 258: The jewellery shop Lotus Jewellery in Hoi An has moved to 82 D Tran Phu, which is near the Museum of Trading Ceramics (#31 on the current map). It also has a website: http://www.lotusjewellery-hoian.com (22 December 2009).
  • p 339: There is a new tourist agency in Kon Tum called Highland Eco Tours (150 D Ho Tung Mau, +84-60-391-2788, [email protected]). It is operated by Mr Huynh, a long-time tour guide in the region who used to work for Kon Tum Tourist (13 August 2009).
Last updated 10 March 2011.



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