Tym says, "Treasure Your Mind!"


An old friend Facebook-mailed me to say that at work today, she'd received some mail with a letterhead logo that included the word "TYM". Needless to say, she did a double-take. But it turned out to be a Health Promotion Board initiative called, "Treasure Your Mind":
Treasure Your Mind (TYM) is a workplace mental wellbeing education programme which aims to empower employees and supervisors with the skills to achieve mental wellbeing through a 3-module programme comprising an awareness talk and a series of skills workshops.
There's also a TYM Day. It doesn't seem to involve any modules or workshops, thankfully.

It kills me to have my online moniker in proximity to so much governmentspeak, of course, but I'm a little tickled to think that some people, at work, might be saying things like, "Have you gone for your TYM workshop yet?" or "Eh, tomorrow is TYM Day leh, don't forget to say nice things to each other."

Have you had your TYM Day today?



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