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I went to my first blogger PR event today, Hewlett-Packard's launch of its new dv2 entertainment notebook (don't ask me why "dv2" is in lower case). I didn't really give it a think before I showed up, except to make sure that Joan would be showing up too.

Note to self: next time, bring more business cards.

This is what I learned about the new notebook: It's lighter than my Macbook, thinner too and has a hard disk six times its size (500 GB). Like my Macbook, it comes in moonlight white or espresso black. Recommended retail price: $1,299 --- which, if you think about it, is just a couple hundred dollars more than the cost of a high-end cell phone (without a phone plan). Huh.

No, it's not a netbook, which is what I've been dreaming of since my Korea trip got confirmed, but it's a pretty darned nice machine for that price.

In other news, we've almost finished the endnotes for our book, I'm caught up on Dollhouse and I'm getting a little ovaried out on the music of Ivy and Jonatha Brooke. Also: still thinking about the Battlestar Galactica finale.

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At 3/27/2009 9:34 am , Blogger Joan said...

It was good seeing you! :) Sorry we didn't get to chat much, but I hope you met new people.

At 3/30/2009 2:07 pm , Blogger RealLifeReading said...

What do you make of Dollhouse? I've been following it and while I always enjoy watching Tahmoh Penikett, and I quite like the other Actives, I can't say the same for Echo. Plus where's the humour?

At 3/30/2009 10:01 pm , Blogger Tym said...

valska > Absolutely!

olduvai > I keep thinking "Helo" whenever I see Penikett onscreen! I liked episode 6 a lot --- that's where it feels more Whedonesque.

I read an interview on Television Without Pity where Whedon says, "If there is a typical Whedon show, this is not it. It's not the lighthearted romp that the other shows were." He goes on to explain why. So I can tahan the lack of humour for a while and see where this goes.

Oh, and I like Echo --- but I have a soft spot for Eliza Dushku. :)

At 4/01/2009 11:48 am , Blogger RealLifeReading said...

Thanks for the link! Yeah I am sticking around for now to see where it's going. After all, there's no more BSG to watch (although the husband wants to rewatch the whole thing - not sure if I could sit through the whole trial business again). I've recently started on Weeds and am quite liking the new series Castle (with Nathan Fillion!)

At 4/01/2009 1:43 pm , Blogger Tym said...

I've been meaning to give Weeds a try, though I think I'm gonna have to wait till I get back from Korea to give it my full attention. I've heard about Castle and the other new series I've heard good things about is Kings.

Re: BSG --- yeah, the trial business goes on for a while, but hey, at least it tides you over till Battlestar Galactica: The Plan is released this November.


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