I wish I'd taken a video

--- but I was too busy freaking out that my washing machine was rocking its way around the kitchen like it was possessed by a poltergeist. First I tried to hold the machine still, but my feeble arms were no match for its wild motions, so I switched it off before it crashed into the sink or something.

I don't know what's wrong with the machine, but a repairman is coming tomorrow. Meanwhile, I have a heap of wet laundry and I'm nervously anticipating the repair bill. My threshold is $300 inclusive of the $62 house-call fee; if it crosses that mark, I'll probably just go buy the same Samsung washing machine my mother recently acquired, which sings a happy tune when the washing is done. (Seriously.)

I knew something would go awry before I left on my trip. Last time it was Ink's eye; this time it's appliance failure. Just one more thing I have to stick on my to-do list, which I've ordered by day so that I spread out the work and the errands and don't leave everything till the very. Last. Day.

See, I have learned from the last time.



At 4/20/2009 9:50 pm , Blogger naixuhs said...

Was the washing machine balanced properly when you moved in?

At 4/20/2009 10:06 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Yep, it never did this kind of crazy rocking/rattling before. A friend who's recently had trouble with his machine says it might be that the rubber around the drum snapped. We'll see what the repairman says later today ...

At 4/21/2009 1:30 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once, it happened to my machine and it was because the load was unevenly balanced in the machine. Yours is a top-loading machine, right? So the horizontal spin can rattle the machine across a room if the weight of the clothes is skewed. What if you try again but making sure the clothes are evenly spread out. Also as naixuhs suggested, make sure the machine is 'balanced'.


At 4/21/2009 1:47 am , Blogger Dot said...

I second and third what they said. Our machine (gotten off Craigslist) does that too when we load it up heavy and one-sided, especially with bath towels and it rattles the whole house!

At 4/21/2009 2:19 am , Blogger Tym said...

Yeah, I had a repairman from many years ago explain the importance of the balanced load to me. This time, as it turns out, the two supports that hold up the washing machine drum had broken! Had to replace them, which with the house-call fee still came to less than the cost of a cheap new machine --- whew!

At 4/21/2009 1:31 pm , Blogger Jess said...

Aiyah handwash lah.

Ha. Joke!


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