A chilled-out Chinese New Year's Eve

A chilled-out Chinese New Year

After heaps of food (thank you, Fifth Uncle and Aunt!), it's nice to come home to peace and quiet, wine and candles, The Dark Knight and having to, er, clean the kitty litter twice in a matter of hours.

I hope that last task doesn't mean I just swept up all my good luck for the new year.


At 1/31/2009 10:16 am , Blogger Ondine said...

Er, isn't my Mother-in-Law your FOURTH aunt?

At 1/31/2009 9:49 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Yeah, but she's the fifth child in the family.

At 2/01/2009 7:37 pm , Blogger Ondine said...

But she's still the fourth aunt. It doesn't count in order of number. It counts by gender. :)

Packrat agrees. :)


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