Amidst moving

I spent all of yesterday dealing with movers, then unpacking and organising --- and totally failed to take a picture of the amazing view from the new flat. I'll grab one later when I head over to finish unpacking and cat-proofing the place.

If all goes well, I should be living there by tomorrow night and waking up to the whistling wind from this weekend. I've been warned that when there's a thunderstorm, the crashing of the waves is pretty audible, even though I'm on the top floor of a very high block of flats. We shall see.

One thing I'm gonna need is a new (and good) office chair, something that will stand up to 8-10 hours of sitting per day (er ... pardon the pun, or is that a mixed metaphor at this point?). I would love an Embody, but I'd have to land such a huge contract before I allowed myself to splurge on one.

Meantime, it's back to Ikea (from left to right, top to bottom): there's the Allak, Joakim, Patrik and --- my personal favourite --- the Skruvsta.
Ikea office chairs
Images taken from Ikea

The Skruvsta gets pretty good reviews (from decor8 readers, among others) and I totally fell in love with it when I was last at Ikea on a browsing visit, so I'm leaning towards that. Thoughts?

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At 1/15/2009 1:06 am , Blogger Jess said...

I know its good for your back and all that, but the Herman Miller one looks like a dentist chair ha.

At 1/15/2009 3:37 am , Blogger dsowerg said...

I got an Ikea chair and the wheels are icky. They don't roll properly on the floor and it's a hassle to have to shift them during cleaning. Make sure you check out the wheels!

At 1/15/2009 6:47 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sitting on a black Allack at the moment and it's pretty comfortable. 2 years and many hours later, still no wear and tear. Wheels are good too :)

At 1/15/2009 6:50 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant Allak. Too much to drink tonight. This is a better endorsement of this chair. Been drunk on it numerous times and not a scratch on it yet. hehehe

At 1/15/2009 9:21 am , Blogger Duck Hawk said...

try u-plan. they are good value for money and allows you to customise the fabric and colour. i got one and it's comfortable enough for me to sit on it for hours.

At 1/16/2009 1:29 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How good the IKEA chair wheels are depends on the flooring. If it doesn't roll good then you are usually advised to get some kind of plastic mat thingy (argh forgot those product knowledge sessions long long time ago).

At 1/16/2009 8:43 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a black Allak too (around here it seems to be Verner rather than Allak, though, but it's obviously the same chair). As far as comfort and back support are concerned it's by far the best of all the chairs you have here... but hey, you should really just head down there and give them all a try yourself.

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At 2/14/2023 5:58 pm , Blogger Nestor Hernandez said...

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