Down and out

Nothing like taking down the Xmas decor one week before Xmas, to put a bummer on things.

Due to circumstances well, well, well beyond my control --- and once again proving that there are unpleasant people in this world, it's just a matter of time before one crosses your path --- I am being summarily evicted from the place where I live. The next time I have to do one of those Internet memes that asks about random or weird things about you, I'll be able to say, "I have had to move house with 48 hours' notice."

The move is not my idea and not my fault. I'm pissed, of course, and trying to make arrangements, but I'm also grateful for family and friends (you know who you are). This morning I was just reading this New York Magazine article "Alone Together", about how living by oneself, particularly in cities like New York, doesn't necessarily mean that one is alone or lonely. It's never felt more true than today.

I don't particularly want to air the circumstances behind my precipitous house removal on this blog, but here's a quick FAQ to stave off all the usual questions:

1. You really have to move? Right now? With only 48 hours' notice?

I have less than that, actually, but yes, I do.

2. You've tried negotiating/bargaining/pleading/crying/wailing/growling/sicking your cats on them?

All except the last one, yes. All possibilities are exhausted.

3. But why ...?

Shit happens, even when it's not your fault.

4. Where will you go?

To my parents' place for a month, then to a new place which I'd found but not planned to move into till mid-January.

5. Move twice? Why not move to the other flat now?

Because it's not ready and can't be ready in the next 24 hours.

6. And the cats?

Will come with me.

7. And your things ... ?

Will go into storage except for what I need for the next month, i.e. enough clothes for four weeks (it's kinda like living out of a backpack again?) with prettier items for Xmas and the New Year, and all the stuff I need to finish up my current work.

Okay, I think that covers everything. Now to pack ...


At 12/17/2008 12:33 am , Blogger Dot said...

URGH. Sorry to hear that. And may the ghost of Christmas past pay a visit to your 'orrible landlord.

At 12/17/2008 1:37 am , Blogger tscd said...

That sucks...but it's nice you can live with family for a while and let someone else cook for you for a change!

At 12/17/2008 4:27 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

suuuuuuuuux. I suspected as much, sorry didn't manage to talk to you ytd. Good Luck!!

At 12/19/2008 12:40 pm , Blogger Agagooga said...

8. Shouldn't you spend your time packing instead of coming up with an FAQ?

At 12/20/2008 7:23 am , Blogger Tym said...

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Agagooga > I didn't have to pack much. Part of the compensation I received was having movers come and pack and store everything for me.

At 12/20/2008 6:07 pm , Blogger naixuhs said...

Wow, that's really bites! Your landlord is as bad as as my sister's. Coincidently, she too is being evicted (though not quite as quickly) as well as he has sold the building. Evicted in the middle of winter no less!

At 12/31/2008 8:53 am , Blogger Relentless Toil said...

Oy gevalt!
Sorry I am getting to this too late to sympathise properly. Seems everything is now coming out pretty well for you, but I too have moved under Extreeeeme Unpredicted Duress a few times, many years ago, and it sucked.


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