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Coffee good

Hot on the heels of learning that Tully's Coffee from Seattle has opened two outlets in Singapore, I just learned tonight that there's a Trung Nguyen as well (via The Travelling Hungryboy). And only yesterday I was whining on Facebook to a friend that I miss my daily dose of ca phe sua da.

Having said that, I don't think Singapore really needs more coffee chains when it already has Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Coffee Club, Gloria Jean's and TCC (I'm sure I've forgotten someone). And the fact that Trung Nguyen doesn't serve ca phe phin (drip coffee) kinda negates the whole point of ordering Vietnamese coffee.

As I was lamenting to Yan Wei last week, what Singapore needs are more indie cafes like Saigon's La Fenetre Soleil.

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At 11/29/2008 10:53 pm , Blogger Unknown said...

Yup! You forgot Spinelli!

At 11/30/2008 9:11 pm , Blogger Dot said...

I have missed the openings of many of the "new" coffee chains... But I remember I used to hang out at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf a lot. They had the best food. Dunno if that still holds true.

At 1/04/2009 7:46 pm , Blogger Serene Huang said...

Hi can I find out where are the two Tully's outlets please? Thanks!

At 1/06/2009 10:55 am , Blogger Tym said...

Serene > I've seen a Tully's at Far East Square and I hear there's one at West Coast Plaza (the Clementi/West Caost neighbourhood mall formerly known as Ginza Plaza).

At 4/09/2009 3:22 am , Anonymous Max mickle said...

I really shocked.... singapore really needs more coffee chains when it already has Starbucks, Coffee Club, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.


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