Settling in

Where's my balloon?

In a cab on my way to a family brunch this morning, I realised how quiet our roads are in Singapore. Just the inevitable engine noise, that's all. I sorta missed the rhythmic honking that's the soundtrack to every thoroughfare in Vietnam.

Later, at brunch, I was giving Packrat my two cents' worth of advice about shepherding junior college students on a fieldtrip around Ho Chi Minh City, and it seemed unreal that three days ago I was plodding around on those pothole-ridden sidewalks and today I was all dressed up for Prego's (in a skirt, Yan Wei!).

Even later, after brunch and the Anime Festival Asia and coffee with friends, I was waiting in a cab line at Marina Square as the monsoonal rain poured down, and I missed how easy it is to get a cab in Vietnam. They're always loitering on street corners, the drivers looking completely uninterested in picking up a fare, but if you approach them they're generally amenable to take you where you need to go. Yes, there are taxis with rigged meters that jump three times as fast as they're supposed to, and some drivers will deliberately take you the long way round --- but hey, at least there are taxis.

I know it sounds like I'm a little hopelessly stuck on a Vietnam loop, and I think it'll take me a bit of time to get things out of my system. But it's also nice to be home: cats, family, friends, food, apartment, Singlish, all.

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At 11/23/2008 8:16 pm , Blogger yan wei said...

haha yes, it is certainly time for some guniang get-ups after weeks of garang gear. i was also visually updated via facebook that you wore your freshly purchased orange top too!

oke shall jump at the next chance to wear my chi chi dress! (chi chi being the shop name, not the adjective heh)

At 11/24/2008 12:27 am , Blogger Jess said...

how'd the cats react to your return?

At 11/24/2008 10:11 am , Blogger Tym said...

panaphobic > With typical feline blase-ness. As I've been telling everyone, they were more interested in my bags than in me :P


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