I wake up early only on special occasions

The light was just right

Like making plans with Wahj to go take pictures at the Botanic Gardens, a plan we hatched after I casually mentioned that I hadn't really been to the Gardens since they were spruced up a few years ago.

The only other park where I've spent a fair amount of time recently is East Coast Park, and the main advantage the Botanic Gardens has over that --- or just about any other park in Singapore --- is that it's set back and away from roads and traffic, and prohibits cycling or rollerblading. All of which makes for a very pleasant and peaceful stroll, in that most English sense of the word.

I have learned two things about my propensity (or lack thereof) for taking pictures of "nature":
  • Still-life portraits in natural settings don't really excite me.
  • I keep seeing things as desktop backgrounds.
Way up high

(There's more in the Flickr photo set.)



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