I am a kaypoh auntie

A minor road accident (turning car vs. oncoming motorcycle) just occurred at the intersection immediately in front of the block where I live, and like a good kaypoh (busybody) auntie, I first cracked open the window louvres, then half-opened the front door to see what was going on.

Then when I saw what it was and my curiosity was sufficiently sated, I closed the door and went about my business.

Telltale signs of a road accident in my neighbourhood: the unexpected crash sound (today, accompanied by a mild but startled scream), followed by the resumption of traffic noises at a muted level, because I live on a not-so-wide road and if the accident takes up even one lane, everyone has to slow down to pass (and stare, of course).



At 7/06/2008 5:46 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

no lah, you haven't ascended to kaypoh auntie yet. KPA is when you call your friend about it 5 min later after the accident.


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