I have become a breakfast person

A good English breakfast

It used to be that I didn't eat breakfast at all, and it was a point of pride for me to declare as much. My mother was a little surprised by this, seeing as she'd faithfully fed me breakfast through most of my growing years, but I'd fallen out of the breakfast habit when I went away to university and didn't quite pick it back up when I moved back to Singapore.

Until now.

I blame it on all the good food easily available around me. Within a 5-10 minute walk from home are an excellent German bakery, a Cedele outlet and, if all that fails, two grocery stores. Within a 10-minute bus ride are a lovely Malay eatery with tip-top epok-epok and shops with various Peranakan kueh options. A 10-minute car ride away is Scruffy Murphy's at East Coast Park, home to the oily English breakfast (the photo above was taken last year; when G-man and I ate there yesterday, the grilled tomato and mash had been replaced by baked beans).

So eating breakfast has become quite a delightful way to start out the day, despite the fact that it's usually eaten while I'm doing work, and now I often find myself wondering, "Hm ... what else can I eat for breakfast tomorrow?"

Clearly, I need to start cooking my own breakfasts, especially on the weekends. I haven't made French toast in months, and after having a passable croque madame for lunch today (disguised on The Caffebar's menu as "ham and cheese sandwich with egg"), I'd like to try making that too. I also need to replicate the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon that James had earlier this week.

Breakfast today consisted of two epok-epok and two slightly overripe bananas. Breakfast tomorrow will be an orange cranberry muffin from Cedele. After that --- who knows?

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At 4/27/2008 11:04 pm , Blogger Dot said...

I LOVE BREAKFAST! I can have several in a day. Sometimes, I just call the second one an early lunch.

At 4/28/2008 4:25 am , Blogger Tym said...

Yes! I just had my second breakfast (aka a late lunch) of apple cinammon pancakes and bacon at Cedele, consumed at about 3 pm. It looks as good as it did in this pic from 1.5 years ago.

At 4/28/2008 6:44 am , Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Oily fried beehoon with fried luncheon meat and fried egg.

At 4/29/2008 12:36 am , Blogger Tym said...

You gave me a luncheon meat craving!!


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