Missed the window

Ink meets Sapphie

I spent all of yesterday thinking, "Oh, it's February 29, that only happens once every four years --- I'd better post a blog entry today."

Then I overslept, which made me late for lunch. Then I had to clear out some rubbish at the old flat and the friends who helped came over afterwards to the new place for a bit (with their dog, hence the encounter pictured above). Then I had to do the weekly flat-cleaning. Then (and oiseauxbleu will be particularly glad to hear this) I cooked. Then I had to get more groceries. Then I ran into a friend, who came over for the evening.

Happy green drinks

So I didn't blog yesterday and I went to bed feeling a little rueful at missing the opportunity to have a February 29 entry.

But it was only today, when I looked more closely at the dates of the pictures I took yesterday, then cross-checked the dates on my email inbox, and finally checked everything against the computer's date setting --- that I realised that February 29 was two days ago. So I'd missed it anyway.

Which just goes to show you where my mind's been.

For the record, I spent February 29 powering through some work in order to meet a deadline, then kicked off the weekend with steamboat at my favourite old-school steamboat place.


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At 3/02/2008 9:18 am , Blogger wahj said...

Ink looks really threatened by that dog ...did he swipe that doggy on the nose? =)

At 3/02/2008 9:42 am , Blogger Tym said...

Nah, he only attempted swiping (without claws) at the dog when the dog poked him experimentally in the stomach.

Generally the two got on quite well. The dog wanted to be friends; it was Ink who was aloof and wary.


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