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Random is running into Torrance when I went to collect my passport on Wednesday. Or rather, him running into me --- he came over to see who was tapping away at a shiny white Macbook in the crowded collection hall.

I'd foolishly assumed from my previous experience of making a new identity card that I would be outta there within half an hour. Instead, the number I drew at 2:01 pm was the 200th in line, so I settled myself down to do some work. When Torrance showed up 20 minutes later, his number was 40 after mine, so he flipped open his PSP to pass the time. Yes, we are geeks.

(More importantly, I got my passport after a total waiting time of about 1 hour 20 minutes, so now I can make travel plans again!)

Random is also watching teenage boys try to solve Rubik's Cubes while on the MRT trains. I saw one with a 3x3 cube on Tuesday, and a few others with two 5x5 cubes the day after. Are they making a comeback, just like all things '80s? It was very surreal to watch them strategise in Mandarin how best to twist the puzzle next.

For the record, I suck at the Rubik's Cube. An uncompleted Rubik's Cube taunts me from a high shelf in the living room, to remind me that I have neither patience nor the pattern-recognition skills for it.


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At 12/07/2007 10:01 am , Blogger Kiv said...

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At 12/07/2007 10:05 am , Blogger Kiv said...

Some time back i photographed this boy who cant be more than 12, flexing his rubik cubes muscles. He has rubik cubes of all sizes, the largest of which is dizzying even to look at. And he works at them like he's just randomly turning without stop. 'cept of course it wasnt random at all. He was a step closer to solving it with each turn. And did I mentioned he was blindfolded when he did all that.
Safe to say, I had to pick up my jaw afterwards. hahaha

At 12/10/2007 10:02 pm , Blogger Joan said...

My husband is a whiz at the cube 'cos he was obsessed with it in college. They ARE making a comeback now methinks, as I see them all over Toys 'R' Us!


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