What to do while the MacBook is loading the data from the previous Mac:
  • Panic about the fact that the MacBook expects the process to take 3 hours and 38 minutes --- and I'm supposed to be at Packrat's birthday dinner with the family in an hour's time.
  • Heave sigh of relief that the MacBook keeps revising downwards the estimated time needed --- except that it eventually stalls at the point where I'll still be at least half an hour later for dinner.
  • SMS family to say I'll be late.
  • Fold laundry.
  • Refill jug of cold water (yes, Packrat, I mean cold water).
  • Attempt to watch videotaped episode of this week's The Amazing Race.
  • Curse the fact that something's gone wonky with the VCR's programming and it taped an hour of black static instead.
  • Check on MacBook progress --- now it looks like I'll be an hour late.
  • Channel surf and watch Christiane Amanpour talk to the Russian nouveau riche.
  • Think about hand-writing notes for this blog entry, since there are no free computers to blog from.
  • Use the VCR to keep an eye on the time, since there are no free computers to check.
  • Decide to leave the computers on and head out to dinner.
  • Get dressed for dinner.
  • Check on MacBook progress --- the transfer's sped up again, so maybe I'll just sit down and wait for it.
  • Watch the lovely Megan McCormick talk about Vietnamese food on Discovery Travel and Living.
  • Attempt to count down the last 20 minutes of the data transfer --- except that the process keeps speeding up, slowing down, speeding up, slowing down ...
  • Learn that there are Vietnamese versions of the Philippines' balut (a duck embryo eaten straight from the egg). Megan McCormick has great expressions when she's eaten something truly foul yet she's trying to say nice PC things about it.
  • Make a note to eat banh xeo the next time I'm in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Rejoice that the MacBook's finally all loaded up.
You'd think that my next words would be, "And then I went off to dinner," but no, the MacBook had to be online to complete the setup process, and then I thought the wireless router didn't want to play nice with the newcomer in the house, and it was only after dinner that I figured out I was being the doofus, not the technology ---


Anyway, it all seems to work nicely now *knock on wood* and I'm already getting cat hairs on the screen.


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At 12/02/2007 1:16 pm , Blogger stellou said...

Hurraahhh!!! Congrats on your new toy!!!! I wish you many happy times together. ^_^

At 12/02/2007 8:00 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Now we can iChat and peer at each other's apartments!


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