Champagne and celluloid

The fake lake somewhere in Jurong

Another museum project all wrapped up and open to the public. Not that I had as much of a finger in this one, but it's nice to be able to mark something done and done (TM Stellou). At first we thought there wasn't going to be alcohol at the reception after the opening ceremony, because, I dunno, it's an official army event, but then they busted out the beer (and wine) and I was like, duh, of course there's alcohol, this is an army event.

(Army men sit around in the mess and drink beer a lot. I know this because my dad was one of them.)

The post-party party was at The Screening Room at Ann Siang Hill, where plenty of alcohol was served but no films, just a looped reel on Paris Fashion Week, set to a soundtrack of the DJ's own. We were in the basement lounge and I'm told there's a very nice rooftop bar too, but I didn't make it up there. My feet aren't used to wearing high heels anymore, so I plonked myself on a couch and mostly sipped champagne instead (although there was a small dancing incident).

There has been a lot of faffing around this week and I really need to Get. Focused.

Celluloid craziness


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At 9/28/2007 1:28 am , Blogger wahj said...

I was at the Army History Museum for a seminar last week. Nice work.


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