My kind of neighbourhood cafe

First domch told me about a party they catered. Then Ondine blogged about it. Then I was in the mood to try someplace new tonight, so I hauled BoKo off to dinner at The Garden Slug.

You choose

Bottled beer only $7 each! Take that, George's & Blooie's.

Attentive owner who knows the menu! Always a bonus.

Stewed pears in white wine and cinammon! I'll come back just for that.

Downsides? My "buttery garlic" pasta could've used more garlic, though the lime leaves added a subtle pizzazz to the mix. And there's no washroom in the cafe, so you have to put your faith in the rather dubious-sounding instructions to "go around the corner and then look under the stairs" (to be fair, it was a perfectly clean washroom).

Like Ondine, I will come back another day (when I'm not recovering from a bad throat) for the 2-brownie popsicle. The all-day breakfast looks tempting too, except that it's paired with yoghurt with muesli and honey, but when I crave a late breakfast, I usually want heaps of grease and bacon. Lots of tasty-looking vegetarian or vegan options on the menu, though.


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