Monday morning to-do

I need two character referees who have known me for two or more years, who must be Singapore citizens and not related to me.

And, obviously, who don't mind being thusly named in a government form.

It's not as easy as it looks.


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At 5/21/2007 2:33 am , Blogger louist said...

you're applying for a civil service job? (again?)

(as a sidenote, i just realised that one of my uni mates is an ex-student of yours - we were just chatting and then he mentioned your name, then i was like omg i read her blog! funny stuff.)

At 5/21/2007 7:13 am , Blogger sternstadt said...

Haha if you're desperate I volunteer ;) Will write whatever you say...

At 5/21/2007 1:28 pm , Blogger Tym said...

lost > Good guess, but no, I'm not. Nonetheless, having the government as one's client occasionally entails certain paperwork :P

dio > AFAIK the character referees don't actually have to write anything. They just have to say nice things about me in the event that someone from the government calls to ask :)

At 5/21/2007 1:49 pm , Blogger sternstadt said...

Haha even better!

At 5/22/2007 2:01 am , Blogger Jess said...


Translate please so I can add to my stable of acronyms!

At 5/22/2007 8:54 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'll be happy to say nice about you. let me know! =)
- ming


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