A sense of proportion (or lack thereof)

Ah, Channel NewsAsia. Even on the days when the headline news is about the Prime Minister donating his pay increase to charity (can we say last-ditch attempt to salvage the very definition of a PR fiasco?), you find time to include this delightful snippet at the bottom of your index of daily Singapore news:
Elephant Chawang's sperm count good

Singapore Zoo's elephant Chawang has had his semen quality tested and results showed his sperm count is good.

Chawang, the largest and heaviest animal at the zoo, is almost 3 metres tall and weighs 3,480kg.

He has already sired three elephants.

Zoos in Australia, like the one in Perth, have shown interest in taking samples of Chawang's semen to impregnate their female Asian elephants.

But no plans have been confirmed yet.
Because, you know, the entire nation of Singapore was following Chawang's sex life closely and quivering in anticipation as to the outcome of his sperm count.

Poor Chawang gets no privacy. Then again, neither do women in India when certain imbeciles in charge of human resources decide that details of a woman's menstrual and pregnancy history are pertinent to her ability to do her job.


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