I took the weekend off

I wanted to blog about the weekend, but then the week of work overwhelmed me, and here we are on Thursday, and I'm feeling like I desperately need a weekend off again.

Yes, a weekend off --- that is what I gave myself for the first time in months (years?) last weekend and it was very surreal.

For one thing, a weekend off meant no touching the laptop between Friday night and Monday morning. No email. No Googling. No catching up on friends' blogs or writing a post for mine. No immediately checking out a cool website when Wahj told me about it over lunch. No using the cell phone to surf the web, either.

It was very weird.

Did I get a little antsy about how much email might be stacking up over the 60 hours that I didn't check my inbox? Yes, but it didn't take me that horribly long to clear it all on Monday morning, plus I was in a much better frame of mind to do it.

It's not clear yet if I'll be able to take this entire weekend off in the same way, but I heartily recommend it for everyone. The Internet? Who needs it!

All I need is my cell phone.




At 5/24/2007 4:31 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before you sign off indefinitely again, check out my nomination for "best underappreciated weblog" award in the Satin Pajamas Awards (European Weblog Awards). Vote for me... and get your friends to do so. I love getting dubious awards.

At 5/30/2007 12:00 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey hey,

my theory is that for sporeans, a sabbatical is a MUST after 7 years of work. it's too easy to lose oneself on the way coz we are overworking from day 1. take care hor.



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