Going nowhere fast

Chatting online with Ondine tonight, I admitted rather abashedly that I have no real goals in life at the moment. Then I remembered that I cobbled some together for a meme some time back, so perhaps I should revisit them:

1. Write a novel. Any novel. Even if it's chick lit and Stellou never speaks to me again.

Does starting several short stories and toying with the idea of interviewing my grandparents oral-history-style count? Baby steps, man, baby steps ...

Okay, perhaps I should have an intermediate goal, like complete one of those damn short stories by the end of the year.

2. Learn to speak another language.

I think this one will have to wait till I have more dough, or can trade lessons with someone who wants to learn English. If I could, though, I'd take refresher classes for French or start Japanese.

3. Keep a cat or dog. Iguanas need not apply.

Hey, accomplished! And it wasn't even planned that way.

4. Attempt another musical instrument (maybe the cello?).

See #2 above.

5. Bake a cake or brownies from scratch (i.e. not out of a Betty Crocker box).

This might have to wait till we get a real oven, which really isn't a high priority for us right now. Also, till I become accustomed to spending time in the kitchen again.

6. Live in a place that I can afford to furnish with enough bookshelves for all our books.

Heavens, no. Though we keep buying more books! Again, I sense that money will be an issue for this ... Unless I learn to build my own shelves, which doesn't seem likely given the fact that it's usually a struggle for me to assemble Ikea furniture.

7. Finish this damn meme already.

Well, that's done, but it really doesn't count.

I think I need some better life goals.


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At 6/23/2006 12:14 pm , Blogger Elia Diodati said...

Nanowrimo.org pique your interest?

At 6/24/2006 5:32 am , Blogger trisha said...

Don't start Japanese.

I think French is a much easier language, for the simple reason that you don't have to grapple with 3 types of written script!

I know, cos I naively thought I could learn Japanese. Money down the drain for me!

At 6/24/2006 12:19 pm , Blogger claire said...


you should learn a language where you can speak to someone in it. or pull someone to learn with you so you can talk to each other. otherwise its quite hard to pick up. that's what i find with my sad, sad attempts to do languages before.

At 6/24/2006 9:55 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Elia Diodati > I tried, and failed, at NaNoWriMo in 2004. The problem with failing once is not daring to do it again, particularly when it points to the heart of my writing problem: I simply lack discipline to get the damn thing written.

trisha > I already have the basics for French, it's just very rusty because it's been something like eight years since I took a French class. Japanese I'm curious about, despite the difficulty, and the pop culture advantage is that perhaps someday, I could watch Japanese anime and film without having to read the subtitles!

claire > I've checked it out before, but 43things.com just doesn't appeal to me. Kinda like Friendster ;) Oh, and yes, having someone to practice with would be great. In my case, probably the friend in Tokyo, though we typically IM rather than have a voice conversation...

Anyway, no money to learn languages at the moment lah!

At 6/25/2006 8:46 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny... we have similar goals. I managed to finish two short stories this year... but I still feel guilty about my lack of productivity. I'm learning Spanish but in fits and starts. I started playing guitar four months ago, and I'm eating my chocolate cake right now. However, my lifelong goals of having an ounce of discipline plus structure in my day are still far from accomplished. And I always need to clean the house... ugh.. housemaker I am not!


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