My bloody cold slash stupid nose

At about 3 pm yesterday, my left nostril decided that it would like to enjoy a bout of congestion, never mind the havoc this would wreak on my right nostril, throat and overall wellbeing.

As of this morning, my right nostril decided it might as well join the left in full moistened glory, otherwise known as why let the other guy have all the fun?

And of course, today and tomorrow are the only days this week when I have un-rescheduleable meetings and appointments, not to mention a couple of pressing deadlines for a freelance client.

So I haven't had as much sleep as I'd've liked, and I've had to blow my nose a lot more than I'd care to. Everyone surmises the cold is due to the freaky weather we're having, which consists of typically fierce tropical heat, interrupted every afternoon by atypically low thunderclouds followed by a cloudburst or three. It's like having half a monsoon, out of season.

Whatever the cause, I would like my nose to resume regular transmission, please. Just because the local news networks are in spasms of anticipation at the fact that election day's finally been announced (May 6 if you missed the memo, though you won't know if your constituency's being contested till April 27) doesn't mean my respiratory system has to join in.


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At 4/20/2006 2:03 pm , Blogger tscd said...

Cut it off! Yay!


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