Guten Easteren

One fish two fish red fish ...

It's been one of those hazy weekends when nothing much really happens. Over dim sum, my cousin mentions that she has about two weeks to reduce all her worldly belongings to 20-30 boxes that she'll ship overseas to her new home. Over too much garlic naan, the adults my parents and Packrat's talk politics, while we kids talk about comicbooks-turned-into-movies (Superman Returns --- yay! X-Men 3 --- er ...).

On Saturday morning, I take over for the first time Terz's duty of feeding his parents' fish while they're out of town, and discover that the aquarium they live in is as spartan as the parents' home. Also, because the fish don't recognise me, my trying to peer over the edge of their home sends them on a brief flapping frenzy that's enough to slosh water out of the aquarium.

On Sunday, we snooze on our respective couches for the better part of the afternoon; Ink elects to snooze on the shoe mat by the door. Just slap a "Happy Family" sticker on us and be done with it.




At 4/18/2006 9:03 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as too much garlic naan.



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