Unexpectedly, a homecoming

I went "back" to Chinatown for lunch today, and it felt like coming home, even though I didn't eat in a coffeeshop or hawker centre or eat Asian food at all, for that matter. Just cutting across Hong Lim Square, smiling at the old men inching their way down the stairs, inhaling the aroma of freshly baked Chinese breads and poking around in a stationery store before buying some wedding ang pows --- it all felt familiar and right.

After lunch, I picked up a kopi-O kosong (black coffee, i.e. no sugar, no milk) for 60 cents, to bring back to the office. It wasn't as teeth-stainingly powerful as the kind they serve at my favourite coffeeshop on Keong Saik Road, but it'll do.

(Yes, you can still get excellent coffee in Chinatown for 60 cents. Eat your heart out, Starbucks.)


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