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Bored? (A common enough Singaporean 'plaint.)


Got energy to burn?

Well, I wasn't paid to plug any of this stuff on my blog, but I've of late encountered in my own social circle too much of a buzz of spontaneous activities celebrating Singapore, that it deserves its own blog post.

Singapore Gaga

Singapore GaGa opened yesterday at The Arts House. It rocks (others think so, too). Go see it, then check out Singapore Uniquely. (Or check out Singapore Uniquely first. Whatever floats your boat.)

Thoroughly inspired? All right, pick up your favourite magic marker or more sophisticated drawing implement of choice, and contribute a sticker design to Majulah Stickapura (gratuitous launch photos here), the latest effort by the 1819SuperMovement.

You may not be travelling to Tokyo in May, but your sticker design certainly could.

Finally, on a non-Singaporean note, check out my friend Keet's Relentless Toil: Print Shop, which is filled with just the darlingest art pieces that will tickle the fancies of children and adults. Proceeds from certain prints go to the March of Dimes.

I'm partial to the cat print myself, but if you're feeling all Singapore-inspired, you might want a groovy lion for yourself.

A completely original artwork by relentlesstoil.

(I might be putting in an order soon, so if you want to bundle a bunch of Singapore orders together to save on shipping, let me know via email.)


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