Sex in the office

It is very difficult to have to write an advertising slogan about doing things in pairs when the job brief eschews all sexual innuendo. I keep thinking of lines like "Grow a pair" or "Tired of doing it by yourself?" --- when really, it's so, so wrong.

On the other hand, it is very amusing to read an email in which a colleague has written to our boss, "[Tym] & I have come out with 4 possible taglines ... " [emphasis mine]. Uh, he's not gay, either.

The best (non-sex-related) word I came across today: ambage n. archaic 1. Ambiguity. Often used in the plural. 2. ambages Winding ways or indirect proceedings.

Oh all right, I guess it could be sex-related if you tried hard enough.




At 2/01/2006 12:44 pm , Blogger LittleRedDotGuru said...

But everything IS related to sex!



You should know that!


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