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Chinese New Year greetings

The Chinese New Year's three days away now, so there's been a constant stream of gifts coming into the office today: pineapple tarts, heaps of mandarin oranges and even wine. All this made for good snacking between meals. Except for the wine, of course. This place is pretty chilled out and there are (empty) wineglasses in the pantry, but with everyone scrambling to wrap up work before the four-day holiday weekend, today's not the best day to start imbibing on company time.

Chinatown was more crowded at lunch, but no school groups today, thank goodness. A stallholder offered Casey and me some rolled-up chocolate and strawberry wafers to try, and looked mildly amused when my face puckered up after my first (and only) bite because they were exactly as sickly sweet as they sound. No sale, dude.

In other delivery news, my glamorous journalist friend C has finally made it into Singapore. She had to postpone her flight by a day because she lost her passport.

Yes, she --- a foreigner working in the US, who might, y'know, need a passport from her native land to prove her identity and/or the legality of her presence in the US --- managed to lose her passport while moving house.

Lost. Without a trace. (Also the titles of two rather excellent TV shows, I know.) She only had an expired one to prove that at some point, she had Singapore citizenship. Yeah, it seems the people at the embassy took their time laughing at chastising her too.

I used to have this one classic story to tell about C, and now I have two. This even beats my brother's customs snafu from a few years ago.

My mother is delivering Chinese New Year snacks and crisp dollar bills for me to use in Chinese New Year ang pows. The handoff is happening tonight at Holland Village. I'm not sure if I should be disturbed that my mother knows exactly where Wala Wala is. On the other hand:
Mom: I was thinking of coming by at 9-something, but maybe you'll have gone home already to sleep.
ME: We usually stay till about midnight.
Mom (pause): Ah ...
Actually, we usually stay beyond midnight but I didn't want to give her an opening to replay her lecture on how responsible adults should get sufficient rest lest they fall sick, particularly since I've been sickish this past week.


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At 1/27/2006 5:38 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps, a little immersion in the Whedon-verse would be good and appropriate during this Chinese New Year season. :D

Yes, the Serenity movie DVD is out in Singapore now, go grab it! Thought you might wanna know.

At 1/27/2006 8:53 am , Blogger Tym said...

Watched it already :) several times, actually.


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