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It being the New Year (if we temporarily ignore the Eurocentric Gregorian calendar universally enforced upon the modern world), I figure it's as good a time as any to consider some new blogs that I've been reading.

And by reading, I mean blogs that I've read the latest posts of, thought to myself, "Huh. This is a pretty cool blog. How long have they been writing? Oh, since then? Let's just read them from the start then," and then proceeded to read them from their very first blog post.

There's onomatopoeia, by a Texan transplanted to Vancouver, who's been blogging since July 1, 2001 and has some excellent tales of his cat Ivan. Things we share in common: savouring good food of every imaginable cuisine and a fondness for Vancouver.

There's finslippy, by a writer/editor and mother of one, who's been blogging since January 27, 2004 and writes, among other things, wickedly funny accounts (and I'm not just saying that, see if you can get through more than five posts without a chortle or, at the very least, a snort) of motherhood.

And to round off this triumvirate, there's New York Hack, by a female cab driver (FCD) in New York, who's been blogging since August 29, 2005 and tells the most excellent stories about her passengers and how to behave right on New York roads, whether you're a driver or a pedestrian. A neat glimpse into the life of someone who drives one of those iconic yellow cabs, and a reminder that their job is neither easy nor safe.



At 2/05/2006 10:36 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty good stuff you've unearthed, my friend.

I'd love to devote my blog to the many many interesting anecdotes I come across at work; and I bet it would increase my blog traffic ten-fold.

It'd also mean that I'd be out of a job.

So no. :(

At 2/06/2006 1:38 am , Blogger The Screwy Skeptic said...

I'm impartial to PostSecret.blogspot.com, a not-so-private blog that you might've already heard of -- it's good stuff.

At 2/08/2006 11:46 am , Blogger Tym said...

Chandler > Someday, you can write your memoirs. That'll do :)

SS > I've seen PostSecret and I'm not very taken with it. I guess my own preference is for well-written personal blogs that give me a chance to share on the ins and outs of another person's life, as opposed to just these snatches, secrets, that are often too devoid of context for my liking.

More good blogs, recently found:

- Confessions of A Critic, a Singapore university student with an opinion about things.

- Imagethief, an American transplanted to Beijing by way of Singapore, who can be both deadly serious and crack me up in the same paragraph.


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