First day

To let you know the kind of place this is, observe that I arrived at work just after the stipulated starting time of 9 am, and I was the first one in. In fact, technically I was the second one in, because I didn't have a security pass and so had to wait for someone else to show up and let me in.

The other thing is that this is the kind of place that doesn't specifically proscribe the installation of software on its computers --- which is how I come to be using Thunderbird (instead of the dreaded Outlook) for email, hurrah! Also, immediately after setting me up with an email account, the boss's next question is, "So, do you use MSN?"

At lunch, one of my colleagues pronounced me "gadgety" after admiring my 3G phone. I suppose this comes as a result of him also drooling over my Contax last week and nodding approvingly of my iPod some months ago.

The best word I found in the (online) thesaurus today: boodle n. counterfeit money or bribe.


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At 1/04/2006 6:06 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess there is little detail you can give given the possibility of your blog being discovered by your workplace :-)

At 1/08/2006 9:39 pm , Blogger Tym said...

Actually, they know I blog, although only one person knows the blog address for sure. The reason I don't give more details is that it wouldn't be professional to do so. Also, this job generates fewer funny stories than teaching used to ;)


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