Hugging in the new year

New Year's Eve: ambience New Year's Eve: colour New Year's Eve: fuel

The thing about spending New Year's Eve at the same place we were last New Year's Eve --- not to mention it being the same place we spent the most recent Xmas Eve --- is that one can't help getting a little introspective about where the year's taken us and what's changed (or not) since last year's party. All this, between grazing on a mound of celery sticks and reminding concerned inquirers that just because I turn beetroot red from one drink doesn't mean I'm drunk.

Some time before midnight, the Porn Watch Committee was formed, potato chips overflowed their bowls and Terz made a run home to pick up Trivia Pursuit. Some time after midnight, the dog threw up, Manchester United beat the Bolton Wanderers 4-1, and it started to rain.

Welcome to 2006

Welcome to 2006, everyone.


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At 1/01/2006 7:56 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! or Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! as we say where i am.


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