Stillness in the city

Connaught Drive bus stop

This is the loneliest bus stop along the quietest road in the city. In the 9 minutes that I waited there yesterday, only 19 vehicles went by, including 6 public buses and 1 Ducktours, er, duck. This was at about 6:35 pm, i.e. when the rest of the city is jam-packed with peak hour traffic, not to mention the fact that Connaught Drive is a four-lane major road smack in the heart of downtown and edging the Padang, no less.

The quiet is appropriate, though, for the war memorials clustered here. Hardly anyone comes to visit them; the glittering Esplanade across the bridge garners all the attention, leaving Connaught Drive to the ramblers, the sneaking couples and the lost tourists.

When you've ripped out the heart of the city, only frayed, empty vessels remain.


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At 10/29/2005 9:09 am , Blogger cour marly said...

Sad, but so true. TPTB love all things shiny and sparkly and 'world-class'... ah well.


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