The rain, it raineth every day

Rainy weather is good for many things. Eating piping hot Teochew moi (porridge) spooned together with spicy Szechuan ma po tofu, for instance. Sprawling on the couch to veg out over DVD after DVD, for another (last night's choices: Notting Hill and Bend It Like Beckham).

What it's not so good for is waiting at Tanah Merah MRT station for a train home from the airport, because the station was so artfully designed that the wind whips rain fiercely onto the train platforms. Even when you're cleverly standing near the centre of the platform, thinking that you're furthest from the exposed sides, the wind'll play a fast one on you and toss rain through the small slits overhead, and the next thing you know, you're as well-baptised as if you'd just stood out in the rain itself.

Changi Airport

I've been to the airport twice this week, to see Terz off yesterday and to lunch with Darren today. Both times it wasn't raining on the way there, but on the way back, the sky changed its mind --- which made these airport sojourns all the more surreal, sandwiched between episodes of real life and real rain.

I like the rain.


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