Blowing hot-cold

The weather got really hot tonight, so we moved from our living room (no airconditioning) to the game room and switched on the airconditioner so we'd be comfortable while doing our nightly blog-reading.

Because I am sitting in the direct path of the airconditioner vent, I decided that the best thing to accompany my blog-reading would be a piping mug of hot chocolate.

So here I am, sitting practically on the equator and drinking hot chocolate to warm myself while the airconditioner pumps overhead. I'm not sure this is what Lee Kuan Yew had in mind when he singled out the airconditioner as the single most important invention of the twentieth century.

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At 10/10/2005 12:22 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old story, my friend. Betcha didn't know that the great man himself prefers his air-conditioning set at a specific temperature, no? :)

At 10/10/2005 2:51 pm , Blogger tscd said...

Can't believe you are sitting in front of the air-conditioner! *shivers and turns up the thermostat*

At 10/10/2005 9:37 pm , Blogger Cowboy Caleb said...

You kanna Tomorrow


At 10/11/2005 5:05 am , Blogger Tym said...

Chandler > 21 degrees Celsius, right? I think it was on TV once, one of those documentaries they make about him every so often. Which may also be why he's always wearing that extremely unhip dark blue windbreaker...

tscd > You would too, if you'd been here last night!

Cowboy > Oi, can put the Tomorrow comment in the relevant entry or not? :P

At 10/11/2005 6:49 am , Blogger Terz said...

23 degrees actually, I think.

At 10/11/2005 10:57 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what? I actually don't know hahahaha. We learnt that during Leadership Training (the VVIP Briefing portion actually believe it or not) in the Academy but I've plain forgotten already heheh.

Junior can't stand the sweltering heat too, evidenced on the many occasions yours truly was around providing security coverage for him.

At 10/12/2005 2:05 am , Blogger Tym said...

Chandler, you were on his detail before? I've noticed that all his security people are quite cute ;) Some more wear garang sunglasses, macam look like Korean action stars.

At 10/12/2005 3:12 am , Blogger Terz said...

chandler - what you said about Junior: really? The cardigans he wears kinda tell a different story.

At 10/12/2005 5:42 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tym-> Yeah but not part of his personal entourage lah even though some of my good friends are on his detail. I don't believe in laying my life down for someone who's not my kin or friend. Jr's constituency happens to be under my area of jurisdiction so whenever he comes around for some grassroots event (which is pretty darn often), me and the guys are there too. Been close often enough to know his habits and mannerisms etc. Errr let's just say that the guys on his personal detail are jumpy to the point of paranoia.

Terz-> Yeah 'tis true. Both of 'em can't stand heat. And you get a lot of that when you're up on the stage presenting plauqes to the grassroots chaps amidst a guest list of 120. Oh, and not forgeting that you personal detail deems it appropriate to control the entry/exit points into the hall by rolling down all the 2 other shutters, essentially turning the venue into a friggin' oven. And when he whips out that hanky to wipe his brow, the guys scramble.

"Sir, he is sweating already. Can get your guys to open up the other exits and station them there?"

Okie dokie. Morons.

You see them in cardigans most of the time simply because they happened to be in air-conditioned comfort.

There, there, I've said too much now, and it can't be good. Invite me for a beer or some chow at Charlie's someday and we'll share more anecdotes!


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