Where not to eat in Singapore: Happy Pay Steamboat

I've never been there, but Packrat pithily sums up why we shouldn't bother: "When was the last time that you went to a steamboat place and was [sic] forced to pay for the soup?!"

As an antidote to the above, here's my nutshell review of a viable steamboat alternative in that same neighbourhood: Last night we ate at the Hainanese place on the ground floor of 7th Storey Hotel, just across the grass from (un)Happy Pay. Our steamboat dinner came to $20 per head for a group of 10, including drinks, a bit of Tiger beer, extra side dishes like Hainanese chicken, Hainanese pork chops and ngoh hiang, and the authenticity of having steamboat heated not by the usual portable gas cooker but by charcoal. Now that's old school.


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