Intake: 3 glasses of white wine (2 Chardonnay, 1 Riesling), consumed between 10 pm and midnight.
Immediate outcome: The sleepies hit so hard that I dozed off at 12:30 am in Little Miss Drinkalot's car and didn't stir until she dropped us off at home. What a bad guest I am!
Eventual outcome (the next morning): Very, very sleepy. Plans for a much-needed afternoon nap were derailed by a last-minute call for a 3 pm meeting. But by the time I got home at 4:30 pm, I didn't need the nap after all.

Intake: 1 regular-sized cup of Coffee Bean coffee, consumed between 9:30 and 11:00 pm.
Immediate outcome: I went to bed at 12:30 am, more because I felt I ought to, rather than because the sleepies were calling me. No trouble falling asleep, but I half-woke up what felt like every hour or so and my mind was very much awake and active during the time I was ostensibly asleep.
Eventual outcome (the next morning): Not sleepy at all! I had no trouble getting up earlier than usual (because I had to be at work earlier than usual). Part of me feels I ought to go home this afternoon and take a nap, but I nevertheless packed my running gear in the event that I feel like staying on for the originally-planned evening run instead. We'll see what happens when/if the putative coffee buzz wears off.

Intake: Any suggestions?


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At 8/16/2005 8:27 pm , Blogger Ondine said...

Tea on my behalf? And lots of it? :)

At 8/17/2005 1:49 am , Blogger Cowboy Caleb said...

whiskey on the rocks

At 8/17/2005 11:25 am , Blogger Tym said...

Ha! You can tell what I drink when I'm with different friends.

Tonight, there was only a lot of water consumed before bedtime. And now I'm off to bed.


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