The other side of Sunday

In the twelve hours we spent watching The Lord of the Rings today, I consumed:

  • One packet of Chinese pork porridge with egg
  • Half a bowl of soya bean curd
  • One glass of white wine
  • Almost one entire bag of Ruffles potato chips
  • 5/7 of an entire bar of Cadbury's Fruit and Nut chocolate
  • One bowl of mee siam
  • 2 glasses of Coke
  • Half a packet of nasi lemak
  • About a pint of Hoegaarden
I should insert a gratuitous burp here, but the sad truth is that I'm hungry. Again. Already.

In between the eating, we came to the following conclusions about the movies (which I should clarify that we love, a lot):

  • Most drinking games we've seen involve drinking heartily whenever Frodo goes, "Oh, Sam" or some similar endearment. Believe it or not, those situations don't come up as often as, say, close-ups of dirty fingernails.
  • By the way, Aragorn has cleanish fingernails only when he's kissing Arwen in Rivendell.
  • Aragorn spends The Two Towers leading Éowyn on, which I justify by saying that he's technically single at that point since he thinks Arwen's left Middle-Earth (which Terz editorializes as, "'We were on a break!'?"). But once Elrond shows up at Dunharrow with the news that Arwen is still in Middle-Earth and, oh, by the way, dying from Mordor's evil, then Aragorn's not technically single anymore. Nice man that he is, he immediately sets things right with Éowyn by breaking her heart --- and as an indication that Terz and I have seen too much Simpsons in our lifetime, we both pointed out that "you can pinpoint the exact moment when Ralph's Éowyn's heart rips in half".
  • It was not tactically sound for the Gondorians to defend Osgiliath against the Orcs coming over the river by waiting for them to actually land first. They should've hit them on the water.
  • Similarly, the Rohirrim would've done well to mass behind the hill and come charging down on Pelennor Fields without warning upon the complacent Orcs, rather than to blast horns and clang swords and give the Orcs time to re-form the line.
  • Faramir was malingering when he stayed behind at Minas Tirith while the rest of our heroes marched to the Black Gate. Guess he really wasn't cut out to be a soldier.
  • At the risk of stating the obvious, Legolas has really nice hair.
Other tidbits we learned, which aren't directly LotR-related:

  • Region 4 DVDs carry a stern copyright warning and Dolby Surround teasers before they let you get to the actual DVD menu.
  • When watching a trilogy of extremely long movies, it's good to have more than one DVD player available, so that when the first overheats in the middle of The Two Towers, you can simply swop players and continue your viewing fiesta uninterrupted. (Next time, we'll bring backup copies of the DVDs too, just in case.)
Post-trilogy viewing, we joined Darren and Abigael for a late-night drink, during which the following exchange ensued, even though they hadn't been at the marathon:
Abigael (describing someone she met recently): So this guy, right? He's short, bald and skinny ---
Darren: So he's Gollum lah!
And now I need to sleep.


At 5/23/2005 8:39 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

but you must stop eating the cadbury's. will figure out a way to get anton berg to you. :)

At 5/24/2005 12:36 pm , Blogger Tym said...

I grew up eating Cadbury's --- and that was after graduating from Van Houten's. So these are comfort foods rather than quality foods.

Anton Berg would be heaven. I know a way --- I believe you call her "mei mei" (or the name you christened her with, or whatever it is you two are calling each other now).

At 5/31/2005 11:14 am , Blogger Olorin said...

I wonder why no one notices my long, soft, beautiful, flowing, re-bonded hair when I returned from Valinor as the white in Two Towers...

Legolas may be younger than I am, but he wasn't that young you know...

plus: he only took out an oliphaunt while I took out a Balrog....

what does one need to do to get your attention these days anyway.... [grumble, mutter...]


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