Home alone

I'm spending an evening at home for what feels like the first time in weeks. It's a little strange to be here. When I walked out to buy dinner, it was still light out: A baby nestled in its grandmother's lap at the playground. Teenaged boys from the neighbourhood were just getting their basketball game started at the local community centre. At the coffeeshop where I got dinner, a woman was getting them to put food into her own tingkat (metal food containers) to bring it home for the family.

So far, I've watched four hours of TV taped over the last week, reconciled my bank account records with the actual amounts of money in the bank (thanks for the sentiment, Cowboy Caleb, but no handbag purchases planned for now) and chatted for the last hour with TaLieSin. Yeah, I was supposed to do work, but I really needed to chill out today.

It's funny how in the same day's email, I can get (and none of this is spam) news of a friend's new baby, confirmation of social plans for the Vesak Day three-day weekend, a solicitation for assistance with a troubled teen, and an account of a death row convict's last visit with his mother and close friend. It's a very, very strange world we live in.


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