Tonight's episode of dinner was brought to you by the letters B, C and D

Me: ... Ok, at Blooie's then. Darren is game for Charlie's, so maybe have pre-dinner drinks at Bl while waiting for D to pick us up for C.
Ming: Good thing we r starting with ABCs. Advancing to do re mi will be easier later...

That's what happens when the toss-up for Sunday night dinner is between Charlie's Corner and Blooie's, and the deciding factor is whether Darren is in the mood to make the long haul to Changi Village. B won in the end, because it's more convenient for all to get to and has better burgers, though C has admittedly superior chicken wings and more types of beer to choose from.

I am ashamed to admit that for the first time since I resumed teaching this year, I brought work along to dinner because I hadn't finished lesson preparations for the next day. So while the boys jabbered about Mother's Day and girls and Tiger and photography, I pecked away diligently at my computer and ignored their jibes about a teacher being out late on a school night.

At least I didn't bring any marking out with me.


At 5/10/2005 3:23 am , Blogger ming said...

B for blooies
B for burgers

C for charlies
C for chicken wings

thats why D wasn't the Deciding factor. it was just the natural orders of things simply available with ABCs


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