Keeping cool

My cubicle, at the new workplace, is in the coldest section of the entire office: Due to building wiring issues, two split-unit airconditioners are located side-by-side right above my cubicle; together, they sweep a relentless wave of cold air at me. Due to air circulation issues, if I raise the desired airconditioned temperature to anything more than 18ºC, my colleagues sitting a few cubicles down will feel as if the airconditioners aren't on at all.

I don't actually mind the cold, since my logic has always been aligned with what a fellow Northwestern alumnus told me: "You can bundle up with as many layers as you need when it's freezing, but when it's really hot (e.g. in Singapore), you can't peel off your skin." But the office temperature extremes are pretty crazy: I don a fleece jacket the moment I sit down at my desk (and even then my fingers are freezing as I type this) but I shrug it off immediately when I pop about the rest of the office, since everywhere else the temperature is comfortable enough that skinny female teachers can work comfortably in sleeveless tops.

I received a plant as a welcome gift when I moved into my cubicle. Bad enough that plants usually wither and die while in my care; I hope it's sturdy enough to survive these Arctic climes as well.


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