Catching up

Wah, very busy at work, no time to blog. Instead, I leave you with little jottings in my PDA on the way home from work last week...

Wednesday, September 15
You know people are working too hard in the office when it's 7 pm and someone starts meowing.

By the way, person meowing? Me. I was convincing enough that a colleague promptly popped her head up, gopher-style, and asked, "What's that sound?" All the times I've meowed greetings to the cats in our neighbourhood have clearly paid off.

I'm working through this weekend and the next. I think I jinxed myself by attempting to blog lyrical last Sunday [Ed's note: two Sundays ago, i.e. September 5] about how great the first two weeks of five-day-work-week September were. Terz now wonders, what five-day work week? In other news, the local government continues to be mystified why people like me aren't procreating.


Thursday, September 16
How I described my work in SMS today:
- really busy day
- very bad day
- stupid work (x2)
- bah, hate work
- my work's a mess for the rest of the month
- work is hell
- a truly crappy day
- any moment now, I'll punch a hole in the cubicle wall [Ed's note: This came at approximately 12:15 pm]

You might ask, how bad could work have been if I had the time to SMS? The answer, my friend, is that it was so bad that it crept into my every message, because what I was doing pissed me off that much.

Most importantly, I had to cancel lunch with a friend who's leaving the country tomorrow. So much for our plans to indulge in Michelangelo's and hunt for durian keychains ...


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