Just call me suaku* and be done with it

I didn't know that Centro took Embargo with it when it closed, till Terz confirmed it earlier this week.

I didn't know Baker's Inn was now Bakerzin and had taken over Prima Taste at One Fullerton.

I hadn't been to the top floor of Raffles City since it used to be occupied by Compass Rose and now it's the Equinox Complex, with New Asia Bar rocking to the opening strains of "Sweet Child O' Mine" when we arrived, so we ducked into the more genteel City Space, where waitresses in long sequinned black dresses showed us to the prime real estate: cosy seats cast by the floor-to-ceiling windows, affording a contrary view up Orchard Road (whereas traffic flows down it) through the muggy, haze-like night air.

--- Despite my profound ignorance of local downtown happenings, Casey, EH and I managed to successfully procure dinner and dessert at the poncily renamed Bakerzin. The verdict: warm chocolate cake good, but it can't top Awfully Chocolate's or, heaven itself, good old Lana cake.

At half-past twelve, we adjourned to City Space, but the party poopers closed at 1:45 am. Then again, that's just as well since my cocktail had about as much Absolut Citron in it as the Absolut Citron bottle that we use to store water in the fridge at home. I should've had it straight up, but buckled under Casey and EH's powerful peer pressure to get a cocktail with a chi-chi name instead. Through it all, we talked work, talked politics, talked future plans, told funny stories about teachers and students --- back when we were one or the other --- and prefaced really juicy anecdotes with, "Okay, keep this to yourself, but ... "

Just what I needed to revive the brain from the killer fatigue that comes from reporting to work at 7:30 am and staffing a press conference shortly thereafter. I'm not even sleepy now, thanks to the complete lack of alcohol in my drink ... cocktail schmocktail ...

* suaku: A Hokkien term which literally translates as "mountain tortoise". Used to describe or suggest someone as being unsophisticated and ignorant. The Singlish equivalent of a "country bumpkin" or a "hick". (The Coxford Singlish Dictionary)


At 9/07/2004 12:48 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the heck is Lana cake? I must know. :)

--Cabbitattack, Tar, Lana, pick a name, any name.

At 9/09/2004 6:34 am , Blogger Tym said...

Lana Cake is the most divine chocolate cake in Singapore: homemade, moist, and not too rich, with a simple pink/white icing. It's so good you can eat half the cake yourself without getting sick, and it tastes just as good if you refrigerate the other half and eat it only the next day. Best ordered well in advance and they wouldn't have anything as plebeian as a website.

If you ever make it out to my neck of the planet, I promise to feed it to you :)

At 9/21/2005 10:40 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, never knew Baker's Inn = Bakerzin. To think that I pass Raffles City everyday where a new outlet is sprouting. Lana vs Awfully chocolate. Can't make up my mind which is better. At last too much chocolate not good for the waistline or I'll be living off it and feeling high all year round.


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