I feel like I should post something tonight, because I'm actually up past 3:30 am --- I can't remember the last time that happened, being the old lady that I am --- and I have a sneaky feeling that though falling asleep would be as easy as laying my head down on the couch, I will probably stay up through till we catch our flight in the morning. It isn't quite what I'd planned, since I usually feel utterly like crap if I stay up through the night, but T thinks this will stave off the jet lag. His theory is we can sleep through the flights during Asian daytime/American nighttime, and arrive (relatively) awake and refreshed.

Which means I've maybe just printed out 15 crossword puzzles for nothing --- but I feel more secure boarding a flight armed with a book and crossword puzzles. I've also got too much crap in my check-in bag, as usual. The packing list, and then some.

Hm. My eyes are now itchy. That's a sure sign of fatigue. Or maybe just too many special effects flying off the screen at Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban just now.

Everyone at work has been nice about me taking off, even though I'm the only exception to the bosses' moratorium on leave-taking this month. I'd gotten my leave approved and bought air tickets way back in March, so they couldn't really not let me go (not without incurring major bad blood and a total lack of anything resembling competent work for the rest of my stint here). My eyes will enjoy the great relief of not having any contact with a Lotus Notes screen for a while, while my mind retreats evermore from the slightest tidbit of Singapore news.

I'm really blathering now, which underscores why I don't usually try to do anything constructive in the dead of the night. Time-out.


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