The thing about spilling hot coffee on yourself is not so much that it's hot --- because fabulous chocolate-brown Mango pants are able to indeed absorb most of the heat and the dark coffee colour --- but that for the rest of the time you're wearing those coffee-stained clothes, you really, truly reek of coffee.

I like coffee as much as the next person, which is to say that I don't live and die by it, but after smelling it on myself for about two hours, even after I bought a new shirt to replace the formerly white, now coffee-stained one --- well, I was glad to come home and change.

On the bright side, British India had cheap, nice tops for sale, so I could get a replacement shirt without much ado (or much cash).

The Hallmark Channel is currently showing D.C. 9/11: Time of Crisis, which IMDB calls "an inside look at the Bush Administration, beginning with the day of the attacks, and following the President's journey to Ground Zero, culminating with his now famous national address nine days after the attacks." For me, it simply proved that I'm not ready to watch gratuitous repetitions of the Twin Towers' collapse yet, nor is it possible to watch Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Condoleeza clones putter their way through an inept script --- with ironic similarity to how they puttered through war and beyond in real life --- without offering a snarky comment every other minute. It's especially creepy how closely the actors resemble the people they're play. I just hope the resemblance was achieved with the aid of makeup and such, rather than the fact that there are some poor sods who actually look that much like members of the Bush administration.

Okay, back to Buffy.


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