A very frustrating morning ---

--- one that greatly increases my admiration for Frodo keeping the One Ring safe for some seventeen years, because I could only keep my SIM card for my personal cellphone sfae for less than two years before I took it out --- and promptly lost it.

I'm pretty sure it's somewhere in the apartment still, but it's going to take an excavation of Indiana Jones' proportions to see if I can find it on the dining table.

After I'd given up looking for the SIM card thism orning, I was out the door when I realised I didn't have my work ID pass with me. It's a real hassle, even on a Saturday, without it, so I went back in --- emptied my bag --- checked all the rooms I'd been in that morning (and I know I just had it, when I was packing my bag) --- nothing. It took two more sweeps of the apartment, and a final repacking and re-unpacking of my bag to turn it up --- in my bag. I swear, it wasn't there when I first checked!

Who's the patron saint of lost things? (Not Jude; him I'm familiar with and the missing SIM card isn't a lost cause yet.) Whoever he is, I hope he got some fun out of it, because now I'm grumpy and late for work.


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