Breaking the water barrier

I've done it. 8 glasses of water yesterday, no problem, and 4 today so far --- also, no problem. By "no problem" I mean that I basically do whatever I'm doing while guzzling water every few minutes and the next thing I know, it's time to refill the mug again. And it's quite possible that crisp, cold water has the same psychologically energizing effects as caffeine or sugar or any of my usual stimulants, which means I'm working faster, quicker, lighter than usual (but without the giddy laughter).

Yesterday, I did 8 glasses in 9 hours, which is not bad considering that most of last week, I was still struggling to hit the 5-glass mark everyday.

Let's see if we can keep this up --- though Wednesday notwithstanding, since I don't particularly want to visit the cinema restroom every half hour during the Lord of the Rings marathon.


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