Teachers and whiners may be offended by this post

"Very different. Your friends are giddy but intelligent. Teachers and whiners at work are generally just giddy."

That was T's verdict after my informal mini junior college class reunion today. He SMSed me, because he had to leave the reunion early to be home in time for his weekly D&D game, and it made me cackle. We're not saying all teachers and all whiners at work are "just giddy", but we've both recently overdosed on inanity from both sources and it was quite nice to be in a different milieu for a few hours.

To wit, there were seven ex-classmates present (not bad out of a class of thirteen): one teacher, one accountant, four lawyers (though only one actually works for a law firm) and me, the civil servant. The conversation tended towards reminiscences along the lines of, "Remember the guy, So-and-so, from that class, who was going out with that girl, and he always ... guess what he's doing now?" Rinse and repeat with either gender for about two hours, with the eventual addition of a class yearbook because we realised that most of us couldn't remember anyone without the aid of a photographic trigger. Gill couldn't even remember that I had been in her secondary school class. Karen's theory is that pregnant women tend to forget stuff. I wonder.

Speaking of spawning, we had two children tumbling around the living room during this little reunion and they were the least offensive children I've spent any considerable amount of time with recently. (Admittedly, I don't spend a lot of time with children. Mostly I shy away from the reckless, screaming ones you tend to encounter in public places.) They got along pretty well, considering that they'd never met each other before and one was about three years older than the other. And twice, they fell off the bicycle they were playing with, and neither broke out into bawling, despite the fact that the adults contributed nothing more than the stunned silence that usually precedes (indeed, triggers?) the aforementioned bawling.

Maybe some children are alright.


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